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Where can I use NewZealandCard?

NewZealandCard can be used at a wide range of activities and accommodation providers. For a full list see our Discount Overview page.

What benefits do I get from using NewZealandCard?

NewZealandCard gives you a discount at a range of activities and accommodation providers. For full details, please see our discounts page.

A few examples of our many discounts:

  • Travel around Aotearoa New Zealand at your own pace with 10% discounts from GO Rentals and Thrifty Car Rentals.
  • Snake through steep native bush clad canyons, and cascade over awesome rapids and waterfalls with Kaitiaki Adventures – with a NewZealandCard you receive 20% off this thrilling adventure.
  • Save 20% on admission and explore Aotearoa New Zealand’s bond with the sea and our unique stories of discovery, exploration, immigration and sailing at the New Zealand Maritime Museum in Auckland.
  • Stay in Queenstown for less, with 15% off accommodation at JUCY Snooze’s queen or family ensuites, or cosy pods.

The more you explore New Zealand and take advantage of our many offers, the more you save!

How do I purchase a NewZealandCard?

You can purchase your NewZealandCard online here. All you need is a credit card, an email address, and the date you intend to arrive.

How long is my NewZealandCard valid for?

Your NewZealandCard is valid for one year. You’ll be able to choose the start date when you purchase the card, so you can buy in advance but have the year begin when you arrive in New Zealand.

Can I order multiple cards at once?

Absolutely – you are welcome to purchase for a family or group. You will need to enter the names of each person when you buy the card.

I am already in New Zealand - can I purchase a NewZealandCard?

Absolutely – you are welcome to purchase on this site and if you select today’s date as the start date then the card will be available for immediate printing and use. If you are having difficulty finding a printer your accommodation provider or a nearby library can likely assist.

New Zealand residents are also welcome to purchase a NewZealandCard.

Do I need to have a passport or ID card with me when I use NewZealandCard?

Yes, our partners can request photo ID (a passport, drivers’ licence, or national ID card) when you use your NewZealandCard.

Can I use NewZealandCard outside Aotearoa New Zealand?

We are working with some select New Zealand related businesses overseas to bring you additional discounts. 

Take note of the start date you select when you purchase the card; your NewZealandCard is valid for one year from then.

Can I use NewZealandCard in conjunction with other special offers?

The discounts apply to the standard price; unfortunately NewZealandCard cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts.

What happens if my travel plans change?

While we unfortunately cannot offer refunds, we are happy to make one starting date change to your card, provided you contact us prior to the original start date.

I work for a travel agency; can we offer NewZealandCard to our customers?

We’d love to talk to you about options. Have a read about our affiliates programme, and then get in touch.

Will you post me a NewZealandCard?

Our cards are in PDF format to keep the cost of the card low and allow you to receive your card instantly. If you are having difficulty finding a printer your accommodation provider or a nearby library can likely assist.